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Absolutely everything you need to know to create cinematic wedding films (wedding filming training, wedding video training).

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Filming Tutorials

  • Audio Recorders
    Richard talks through audio recorders he’s used in the past, as well as his current models (Zoom H4n and Zoom H1).
  • B-Cams
    Guest speaker Anton shows us the various B-Cams he uses at weddings – with video examples.
  • Basic Jib/Crane
    Richard’s crane / jib is quick and easy and very mobile. See it in action, as well as its setup, in real-time.
  • BTS of a DSLR Solo Shoot (Part 1)
    Behind-the-scenes coverage and commentary, of a DSLR solo-shoot (part 1: grooms prep)
  • BTS of a DSLR Solo Shoot (Part 2)
    Behind-the-scenes coverage and commentary, of a DSLR solo-shoot (part 2: bridal prep)
  • Camcorder Basics
    Here, Richard talks you through the main features of a pro camcorder, with reasons for filming in manual.
  • Canon Lens Samples
    A short film showing examples of different Canon glass and a helpful tip at the end.
  • Canon XF305 Camera
    John Cooper from Canon Europe talks to us about the exciting new XF305 from Canon.
  • Choosing Your DSLR
    Can’t decide between DSLRs for your 1st/2nd/3rd cam? Richard tries his best to compare them!
  • Creative Lighting
    On Location – shooting with dramatic effect using off camera lights.
  • DSLR Basics 5D Mk II
    A useful film if you are considering moving over to DSLR.
  • DSLR Filming Techniques for Photographers
    We highlight a few differences in using these cameras for capturing stills to capturing video.
  • DSLR Lenses
    Richard talks you through his own DSLR lens choices (with example shots).
  • Filming Interviews
    Some practical advice on how to film and conduct interviews with samples.
  • Filming the Preparations
    A complete guide to how Engage Cinematic shoots preparations with lots of hints and tips.
  • Framerates and Shutter Speeds
    A visual comparison between framerates, shutter speeds, resolution and ND fader filters.
  • Glidetrack Hybrid Vertical Shots Tip
    Want vertical shots from your dolly slider, but haven’t got a ball head? Try this method!
  • Large Crane Hints and Tips
    A run through and set up of a 15ft Camera Crane/jib.
    Richard briefly shows you the LCDVF (a cost-effective DSLR viewfinder).
  • Lens Choice
    A quick look at examples from the lenses in Richard’s kit list.
  • Pete’s Uniform and Kit Bag
    An explanation of what uniform and kit we use and why.
  • Portable Lighting
    An explanation of different types of lighting we use and why.
  • Rapid Shooting
    How to film with multiple pieces of equipment including glidetrack, monopod, camera stabilisers and turning a tripod into a crane!
  • Richard’s Kit List
    Richard shares with you his camcorder / DSLR kit list setups, and proves you can transport them easily on single shoot weddings.
  • Setting White Balance
    The all-essential methods to gain correct white balance on your camcorder or DSLR, before you even hit record!
  • Shot Choice
    Richard talks you through shot choice and anticipation, with many examples running in the background.
  • Sounds Good
    Audio comparisons showing the importance of good microphones and their placements.
  • Steadicam – Hints and Tips
    Engage Cinematic’s Pete takes you through ‘blinging’ up the rig and takes you on a photo shoot with models around Cardiff Bay.
  • Steadicam Tango Launch Day, London, 2010
    Exclusive interviews from Oscar winning inventor Garrett Brown and Steadicam op Larry McConkey, inc. Steadicam Tango footage.
  • The Glidecam
    Basic setup and balancing of a camcorder on a Glidecam, with demonstrated glide moves.
  • The Glidetrack
    Richard shows off the fantastic Glidetrack – with various tips and trick manoeuvres)
  • The Monopod
    Here, Richard will show you the Manfrotto Neotek Monopod, for use with DSLRs.
  • Tripods
    Here, Richard shows you the tripod legs/head setup he uses, and explanations why.
  • Vintage Lenses
    Anton (Image On Video) gives you a rundown of the vintage lenses he uses at weddings… with examples.
  • Wireless Microphones
    The benefits of using wireless microphones.

Editing Tutorials

  • NewBlueFX – Video Essentials 5
    Richard takes a look at ‘Video Essentials 5’ (a plugin pack by NewBlueFX)
  • The 2.5D Effect
    How to create a 3D-esque moving picture from a still framegrab.
  • Basics of Editing (Premiere)
    The Basics of Editing (in Premiere CS5 – more NLE’s will be covered over time).
  • Cloning People
    Matrix-style cloning isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Features here include cropping, masking and nested sequences.
  • Colour Correction (inc. White-Balancing)
    Here, Richard performs white balance corrections and general primary colour correction, using a variety of methods and plugins.
  • Corporate Coolness
    Here we look at some elements of a couple of corporate promos.
  • DVD and BluRay Authoring
    A look at authoring and creating DVDs and Blu-Rays, using Premiere, Encore and Photoshop.
  • DVD and BluRay Design
    Richard talks you through his choice of film delivery and presentation, accompanied with tips for the design and printing.
  • Dynamics Compression
    Compressing audio waveforms can have high importance for your projects. Richard shows you how!
  • Entire Wedding Edit (Part 1)
    Project organisation and titling.
  • Entire Wedding Edit (Part 2)
    Titles and more tips.
  • Entire Wedding Edit (Part 3)
    Assembling clips and grading tips.
  • Entire Wedding Edit (Part 4 – Ceremony)
    A whole ceremony edit on a 3 camera shoot, with hints n tips as always!
  • Fakelapses
    Richard will talk you through creating a fake timelapse sequence, and touch on various ways to key footage.
  • Fancy Titling in Photoshop (1)
    An example of how to create a fancy title on top of a wedding framegrab (using Photoshop).
  • Fancy Titling in Photoshop (2)
    Another example of how to create a fancy title on top of a wedding framegrab (using Photoshop).
  • Fixing Errors (Mattes and Cloning)
    Has your scene captured unwanted objects or difficult light exposure? Here are some tips to help you remove them!
  • Fixing Errors (Noise Reduction)
    Got background hiss/hum/wind? Use professional noise removal tools to reduce it.
  • Long and Short Form Edits
    Long and Short Form Edits
  • Magic Bullet – Mojo
    An introduction to this simple to use and mighty powerful plug in with workflow and samples.
  • Magic Bullet Looks
    An introduction to the interface, workflow and samples of work.
  • Making a Cinematic Trailer (Part 1)
    The whole edit explained, with all resources listed.
  • Making a Cinematic Trailer (Part 2)
    Second part in depth tutorial on the making of Vishal and Schveta’s epic trailer.
  • Motion Tracking (Advanced)
    These examples of accurate motion tracking were carried out with After Effects’ own ‘Motion Tracker’ feature.
  • Motion Tracking (Beginner)
    Here’s a straightforward method to motion track a title or graphic, using Premiere or another NLE.
  • NewBlueFX – Motion Blends
    Richard takes a look at ‘Motion Blends’ (a transitions plugin pack by NewBlueFX)
  • NewBlueFX – Video Essentials 1
    Richard takes a look at ‘Video Essentials 1’ (a NewBlueFX plugin pack)
  • NewBlueFX – Video Essentials 4
    Richard takes a look at ‘Video Essentials 4’ (a plugin pack by NewBlueFX)
  • Optical Flares Plugin
    An introduction to the amazing plugin – Optical Flares. Watch examples and work flow.
  • Photoshop Basics
    Here, Richard will talk you through commonly used tools and features in Photoshop (CS5 and below).
  • Same-Day-Edits
    Our guest speaker from ‘Image on Video’ gives you an insight (with tips) for creating ‘Same-Day-Edits’.
  • Save the First Dance
    Dark first dance footage? Here are a few ways to deal with it!
  • The Vintage Look
    Richard shows you how to create a Vintage look (filmic colour / classy b+w using various colour grading techniques.
  • Time Remapping
    Techniques on applying time-remapping to clips, when to use it and more.
  • Titling for Beginners Part 1
    The basics of making titles in Premiere and After Effects.
  • Titling for Beginners Part 2
    More in depth tutorial on creating a camera and animation in After Effects.

Business Tutorials

  • Enquiries and Paperwork
    Richard takes you from the initial contact of a customer, through to sending out contracts, plan of action and invoices.
  • Going Public with your Clips
    This is Richard’s exact methodical procedure of sharing out a highlights clip, to maximise exposure and SEO.
  • Vimeo Embedding
    An easy to follow guide for embedding vimeo clips into Facebook, websites and blogs.
  • BVE Earls Court London – February 2011
    WedFilm Academy reporting from BVE 2011 (Earls Court, London, UK).
  • Effective Ways to Advertise
    We talk you through what works best and what’s not so hot.)
  • FAQs Answered
    Many of your FAQs from emails, answered in one foul swoop!
  • Get the Business You Want
    We’ve all done free weddings to get business started. But how about FUN corporate work, leading to well-paid work. Consider these tips.
  • Intro to WedFilm Academy
    Both Richard and Pete giving you the background and ideas behind ‘WedFilm Academy’.
  • Kevin Shahinian and Joe Simon come to London
    An interview with 2 internationally famous wedding cinematographers.
  • Networking on the Day
    Seize the opportunity to market yourself on the day. You are exposed to many opportunities!
  • Online Clips
    A tutorial showing you how best to present and share your highlights clip online (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube, Exposure Room).
  • Public Relations Tips 1 of 5
    Guest speaker Rebecca Sloan, gives some Public Relations tips. (Part 1 of 5, Press Releases)
  • Public Relations Tips 2 of 5
    Guest speaker Rebecca Sloan, gives some Public Relations tips. (Part 2 of 5, Key Messages)
  • Public Relations Tips 3 of 5
    Guest speaker Rebecca Sloan, gives some Public Relations tips. (Part 3 of 5, Reputation Management)
  • Public Relations Tips 4 of 5
    Guest speaker Rebecca Sloan, gives some Public Relations tips. (Part 4 of 5, Online Presence)
  • Public Relations Tips 5 of 5
    Guest speaker Rebecca Sloan, gives some Public Relations tips. (Part 5 of 5, Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Starting Out (Branding)
    A few hints and tips on how to market your company, branding and more.
  • Starting Up in the Business – Our Stories
    Richard and Pete give honest insights into their own company histories.
  • Useful Apps
    Richard shows you some useful apps for the iphone and ipad, that can make life easier, and help you work more efficiently.
  • Video Blog filmed at SWPP London, Jan 2011
    A video blog from the January 2011 SWPP convention.

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