Visual FX to add the wow-factor.

Projects can shine from the extra polishing of animated intros and outros, motion graphics, compositing and visual effects.

We’re proud to say we can offer many dynamic, tried and tested additions to your films, to really grab a viewer’s attention.

We look forward to producing your
  • animated intro/outro.
  • visual FX.
  • animation.
  • motion graphics.

Creative Services Options

Animated Intros/Outros

Add extra sparkle to your film clip with an animated intro and outro, to help reinforce your branding, logos and titles.

Audio Enhancements

Sound is just as important as the visuals, and, if required, we will help source and integrate professionally-recorded voice-overs, sound effects and royalty-free music tracks.

Visual FX

Visual elements added in the post-production stage, utilising such aspects as motion-tracking, keying, compositing, and colour-matching.

2D/3D Animation

We’re highly experienced in adding and manipulating assets, text and characters into film projects.  Synced seamlessly to video footage and audio, your 2D or 3D assets will come to life and impress your customers.

FX Media

Modern films built with style, passion and professionalism.