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Promo for the Glidetrack CC Carbon Crane

Introducing the Glidetrack CC Carbon Crane We’ve filmed a few promos for Glidetrack in the past, and here’sView full post »

Bridezilla Bootcamp mk2 – Workshop Photos

Bridezilla Bootcamp mk2 – A Filmmaker / Cinematographer Workshop Our 2nd ever workshop for filmmakers andView full post »

G’day, I’m Cathie – A Résumé Film

G’day, I’m Cathie – A Résumé Film Cathie approched FX Media to ask for an ‘about me’View full post »

Filming Workshop Announced

Bridezilla Bootcamp mk2 – A Filmmaker / Cinematographer Workshop Last year, due to high-demand, we created aView full post »

March 2013, Listing the Latest

It’s been a really busy past few months for FX Media with non-stop projects and fun!  So we thought it’d beView full post »

Blogcademy, London 2013 Promo

Blogcademy, London 2013 Promo Blogcademy is a rather special workshop, so popular yet quite specialist in topic matter.View full post »

Usborne 2013 Gala

Usborne Books at Home – 2013 Gala and Conference. Usborne Books at Home‘s Gala and Conference is an annualView full post »

Behind-the-Scenes at Battersea Power Station

Behind the Scenes at a Niemierko Wedding. Niemierko is known as one of the top planners of some of the most lavish andView full post »

David Pullum Photography – Workshop Promo Film

David Pullum – a look at one of his workshops. David Pullum Photography regularly holds workshops for otherView full post »

Storry Photography Promo

Storry Photography – a brand new promo for Aaron, Lindsay and Maddy (the dog). Aaron approached me a while agoView full post »

Dreamscape – a short film

Dreamscape – a journey into escapism A while ago I decided I’d make a short experimental clip (10 shots maxView full post »

Thomson Local Animation and Film Shoots

Thomson Local – Brand new Intro Animation and Voxpop Interviews Thomson Local required a new-look animation toView full post »

Devlin Photos – Lisa’s Promo

Devlin Photos – a brand new promo for Lisa Devlin (and her many headbands!) Having filmed for Lisa many timesView full post »

Photo Professional Magazine

Film by FX Media, featured in Photo Professional

A few blog posts ago, we showed an ‘about me’ photographer promo for the wonderful Lola Rose PhotographyView full post »

Three Manifesto

Three – Built for the internet.

Three We’ve been working closely with Three recently, filming voxpops and a multi-location ‘manifesto’View full post »

Lola Rose Photography – ‘A Little Slice of Me’ Photographer Promo

Lola Rose Photography Kelly Green from Lola Rose Photography wanted something a little bit different to the norm, toView full post »

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Vivienne

Sarah Vivienne We received a great brief from Sarah Vivienne – to show how she shoots weddings and brings outView full post »

Usborne Books at Home – Behind the Scenes

Usborne Books at Home Usborne Books at Home were after a video that showed a little bit more of their award-winning homeView full post »