I could turn this into the longest, most descriptive and heartfelt blog entry in the history of FX Media…but I won’t…I want to save that for the actual film preview entries.

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, it well and truly opened my eyes.  Each photo is a work of art in its own right, a visual feast with an emotion-fuelled story behind the whole series.  More on that in future blog entries.

The very second I saw ‘The Distant Pull of Remembrance’, well that was a defining moment for me – I got in touch with Kirsty and the rest is history.   It’s also been an absolute joy to work with my good friend and colleague ‘Elbie Van Eeden‘, a mutual friend of Kirsty and I. (Elbie helped me with the extra special make-up for my 1st short film, Dreamscape)

So where do we stand now?  Well as Wonderland draws to an end, I’ve been capturing very unique behind-the-scenes films for each final scene.  Kirsty and I have very closely bonded, discussing the finest of details for each clip; the pace, the music, the emotion.  As we sit back and watch them, we describe them as ‘moving paintings’.

We have big plans for the clips, and the grand finale of Wonderland…but for now, all I can say is check out her beautifully memorable photos and site…and here are a few of my behind-the-scenes photos and film framegrabs:

Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland Behind The Scenes Film Framegrabs

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