My film collaboration with Kirsty Mitchell Photography (for her ‘Wonderland’ series) has been one of my most favourite journeys to date.

Every shoot we’ve worked together on has led to a neatly-wrapped package of incredible images and accompanying behind-the-scenes film.  And constantly in the background, we’re discussing film-music, processing, editing flow, launch dates, next shoots.

So when we finally come round to finalising and launching our blog entries, we genuinely feel both nervous and excited at how the images and films will be received.  Yet, without fail, we’ve been pleasantly surprised (ok, ecstatic!) with the reactions.  These reactions can of course be monitored through the thousands of global ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ on Facebook, but not only that, we watch in amazement as the film stats soar day by day:

Kirsty Mitchell Photography Viral Vimeo Statistics

Literally overnight, the major blogs and sites catch sight of the latest in the Wonderland series and we’re always so grateful they piece together articles and interviews showing off both our efforts.  These include ColossalMail Online, My Modern Met, Nikon (Kirsty’s sponsor), Photo Vogue, Adobe ( – to name but a few.

The main point of this post is to show how hard efforts can pay off, in terms of recognition and exposure.  It also shows the power of film in complementing a service, product, or person.  Kirsty can of course do all of this on her own as her images are timeless and extraordinary pieces of art, but there’s no denying the behind-the-scenes films have opened up a whole new level of praise from her worldwide fanbase.

To see previous blog entries (with films) click here, here, here and here.  And the good news is, there are even more images and films just around the corner … I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral Colossal

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral Mail Online

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral My Modern Met

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral Nikon

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral Photo Vogue

Kirsty Mitchell Goes Viral Photoshop

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  1. Some times I feel like I’m working at a snails pace compared to the rest of the world, and I worry about how long it takes me to create one image. Then when I’ve done that and I’m tired, I have to get back up and go through writing the blogs compiling the behind the scenes pictures and photographing the costumes, whilst you work on the films and have to spend hours wading through terrible music to find that perfect piece. The productions are getting bigger, the time is taking longer …. but then when its done, I stop and look at it with fresh eyes,( like I just did now) and I am so proud of it all. More importantly it means every single part is captured forever, and can be relived again and again. I have never seen my characters ‘live’ before you filmed them and it has given the project an entire new level, both for myself and for the thousands upon thousands of people who have followed the series. My only wish is we had done this from the beginning, I adore the films, they mean so much to me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. …. and thank you for listening to me and putting up with my endless requests. Gives me goosebumps seeing all these headlines together in one place, thank you.

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