Dreamscape – a journey into escapism

A while ago I decided I’d make a short experimental clip (10 shots max) just to give myself a chance to play around with special effects, sound design and 3D modelling techniques.  The more I storyboarded the clip, the more scenes I added in … and before I knew it,  ‘Dreamscape’ was born!

To sum up, Dreamscape is a (very) short story of a young girl’s journey into escapism … and a visual and audio treat for the viewers’ eyes and ears.

I had just 5 hours to shoot it (on my new Canon 5d mkiii), but even with such a short time I felt totally spoilt with an amazingly quirky venue (Belt Craft Studios) and with invaluable help from a select few friends.

So a massive personal thank you to the stunning Tessa Maye, my old school buddy Richard Costello, Elbie Van Eeden (super talented make-up artist) and Tim Fok (who shot the behind-the-scenes, and generally lent a huge hand on the day).


I can’t wait to show you blog-readers an upcoming behind-the-scenes look into this short film … but for now, please turn off the lights, turn up the volume and enjoy my personal project that is ‘Dreamscape’:



  1. It is very easy to go the cheesy route when it comes to horror and yours was far from that. I loved it! It was subtle enough and real enough to where people can relate.
    I love the wall with the map, the random objects all about the warehouse setting and add to that the very classy special effects and….well…..badass! Especially when she opened the door into that beautiful field. These special effects are crazy great. It felt very cinematic, even the opening title was straight out of a theater setting. Ok…i could go on about all the details that stood out to me but the moral of this story is….this was fantastic.

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