Dance of the Decadent Dolls – Behind the Scenes with Walter’s Wardrobe

‘Dance of the Decadent Dolls’ was the theme for attendees of the latest Walter’s Wardrobe event, and once again I had the delight of capturing the day unfolding. For an extensive write-up (and behind-the-scenes photos), please do check out this excellently-detailed blog entry by Jen Brook, here. Thanks once again to absolutely everyone involved, and to those…

ICE Animation for Videocall

Another collaboration with Videocall, but this time with Michelle Brand helping out with fantastic illustrations.  It was my job to create an elegant animation, all timed with voice-over and sfx, explaining the ICE (Intelligent Cloud Experience) platform.

A special thanks to Chris Kelly for all his help with script-work and concept ideas.

Creating a Series of Animations for Videocall

I’ve been working for a while now with Videocall, creating talk-to-camera information films, and more recently, a series of animations involving voiceover sourcing, greenscreen, keyframing, parallax scrolling, camera moves and more. The 4 x animations highlight the benefit of video conferencing, and in this particular example below, how to deal with situations where staff/companies neglect…