The excitement of working with Kirsty Mitchell officially never ends. Since her last creation was unveiled, ‘She’ll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer’ (more here), we’ve watched as the world shared and liked the image and accompanying film.

With Spring just around the corner, and the end of a bad spell of English weather, the timing of these latest images and behind-the-scenes film couldn’t be better.  Kirsty has done it again – she’s created perfection; this time with model Katie Hardwick wrapped in a deep mantle of flowers wearing an enormous extravagant wig entwined with wild ivy:

The Secret Locked In The Roots Of A Kingdom - Kirsty Mitchell

(Left: The Secret Locked In The Roots Of A Kingdom, Right: The Pure Blood Of A Blossom)

Whilst Kirsty and Elbie worked their magic, I did my best to capture the emotion and beauty that always happens during a Wonderland shoot.  To see every tiny detail come together in the make-up, hair and set building, is always fascinating.

The Secret Locked In The Roots Of A Kingdom - BTS

Then of course, witnessing the way in which Kirsty finds the soul of the scene with her camera, well I only hope it comes across in the film. Please sit back and be mesmerised in the film below, then head on over to Kirsty’s own blog entry which takes you much deeper into the history and explanation of how the images came to be.


  1. I’m sure you’ve been receiving lots of fan-mail over the recent video that you did for Ms. Mitchell, however, I just wanted to say, “bravo”.

    Another fantastic video showing the hard work that you all put in to make this such a beautiful piece of artwork. 2:32-2:42 has to be my favorite part. I didn’t think it would be possible to top the scene in “Gaia, The Birth Of An End” where you did a similar look from 3:10-3:16, but wow. The feeling that I the viewer got then was one of deep power.

    Thanks for showing your talent to the world.

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