Exactly a year ago today I nervously uploaded the behind the scenes film of Kirsty Mitchell‘s then-untitled latest Wonderland scene.  (At the time we appropriately and temporarily nicknamed it the ‘door scene’.)
I say ‘nervously’ because that shoot was the very first time I’d met Kirsty, and it wasn’t exactly ideal conditions to sit down and chat and get to know one another.

For over 12 hours it was a non-stop rollercoaster ride for all involved – battling ever-changing light and weather conditions (from bright sun to an unwelcome hailstorm!) and making numerous and tricky long walks through the hilly forest.  Elbie (make-up-artist), Katie (model), Matt (Kirsty’s husband), Mark (assistant) and Saskia (assistant) all helped Kirsty as best they physically and mentally could, all drained of energy by the end of a memorable day.  I filmed the frantic setup as the scene was revealed, from it’s quite normal woodland pathway beginnings, to its winter-meets-spring movie-like finish.

Never before had we all felt such a sense of achievement – even Kirsty and Elbie commented it was one of the most difficult and physically-challenging scenes to date.

I knew that night I had come home with some rather special footage, and that the only way to deliver it was with music that would incapsulate all those emotions on the day.  Infact I spent days just finding ‘that’ music.

I’ll never forget the day I emailed Kirsty with the link to watch the film.  There was quite a pause before she wrote back.

She……loved it.  She told me she couldn’t stop crying, and that it captured the day in a way even her mind didn’t previously allow.  The gently blowing of the leaves in the bursts of sun light, the tired looks of hardworkers, the unpredictableness of the fake smoke and sunlight – it was all there.  Although I don’t like to make a grown woman cry, you can only imagine her reaction was the biggest compliment.  Infact, that defining moment was the start of an unforgettable friendship, and when we both realised the importance of behind-the-scenes for her images.

A year later and Kirsty sent me through the final image, now aptly titled ‘The Fade of Falling Memories’ (see her extensive diary entry here).  And like all her other images, I fell in love with it immediately:

kirsty mitchell wonderland the fade of fallen memories

Here is my final behind-the-scenes film – please do find a quiet moment in your day to sit back, relax and watch:

And as a special treat (even Kirsty hasn’t yet seen these), here are some never-before-seen film framegrabs that didn’t make the final cut:

unseen framegrabs small


  1. Wow – once again combining technical perfection with stylistic finesse and an outstanding subject – bravo !!

  2. This is an absolutely stunning film, I teared up a bit! Can you tell me what the music you used was? It’s so perfect!

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