By the end of my first ever shoot for Kirsty Mitchell, I realised it was all or nothing.  Only hours and hours of intense non-stop work, fighting towards small windows of light in a forest, was the only way such a single image of perfection could be achieved.

So when I arrived at the location where I was to be filming and photographing the behind-the-scenes for ‘She’ll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer’, I was prepared to take a full day of humidity, countless mosquito bites, and sinking mud of unpredictable bog land!

We all found the day to be a true test of our man-power, stamina and creativity.  And at the end I’m pretty sure we all gave a heartfelt ‘bravo’ to our model Brana Toka, who balanced with an elegant pose on a crate for hours on end!  Huge admiration also went to Elbie Van Eeden (MUA), Matthew Stevensen, Adrian Farr, Miss Aniela (Nat and Matt), who all helped out in their own ways.

Kirsty’s final image (below) is comparable to a masterpiece painting – its meaning and background can be found in her excellently detailed and emotional blog entry.

A personal HUGE ‘Thank You’ to the gifted Diego Buongiorno who scored the musical composition that you hear throughout the behind-the-scenes film.  It has haunting and beautiful moments, with an eventual crescendo that so effortlessly matches my crane reveal-shots.

So I hope you enjoy this film – it’s been a satisfying collaboration between Kirsty, Diego and I, and the comments we’ve already been receiving from around the world has confirmed we approached it in the right way:

And to end on, here is just a very small handful of behind-the-scenes photos that I took to accompany the film:


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